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Welcome to the Living Library

The Living Library is open to individuals ranging from the creative arts, creative writing, expressive arts, expressive writing, photojournalists, academic writers, and other individuals that wish to partake in the expansion of knowledge, along with individuals who wish to share with the rest of the world what it is they can do and what they're all about.

The Living Library received its name mainly because its articles can be updated at any given time the author or creator feels it's appropriate. This allows the content to be as dynamic as well up-to-date. If you're able to see the NSC Seal, this means it is approved and coincides with the information gathering that Become the Source or Novism Synergy Concepts has collected. The Living Library is a very dynamic way for the participants (individuals actually viewing the content) and the creators/composers to interact. On the one hand, you'll have the Creator Component who may attempt to express a particular work based on research, creative arts, and other such things. Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, you will find individuals that can read and properly critique the works. The Living Library is composed of the following categories:


Living Books

The Living Books are a systematic way for individuals to be able to share their works while at the same time work on them. Labels to place on your books can range from registered access only, specific access only, or open to the general public. All information placed in Living Books must be treated as copyrighted material as it belongs to the creator/composer, Become the Source, NSC or other Venues. The Living Books may range in very different content. Please note that some of the content is not reviewed by Become the Source, as we allow freedom and the right to publish information on this particular segment of the website.

By allowing certain freedoms we have discovered that many people can actually learn to live life in a better way, for we never know what piece of information will help someone understand life in a better way.

Living Books are often updated and depending on the client, updates are sent forth. If you would like for updates to be sent out to you, please join our Facebook and Twitter pages. This way we are able to post updates to either book you may see on the site. The Living Books section is also a method of interaction where the reader can also assist the creator of all of any work. To do so, simply click on the link and submit your article. There is no link or article, so please feel free to send us the information by logging into helpme.novism.org.


Notice: While you may read the books and allow other people to know about the books, it is permitted to remove content and share it. Obviously, we know that there are some individuals out there that do not follow rules or play nicely. And so, depending upon the author, creator, poser, or organization, we may choose to make your information available for public reading on this website, or not. If not, a registration may be required or special access rules may be introduced. We generally appeal to the good nature of individuals in their reading of this type of material so that they may understand how important it is to share information as well as respect it.

So in short, be on your best behavior.



Living Videos 

The rules for Living Library still apply. This is the section where you can see a variety of videos ranging from these topics:

  • Health
  • Science
  • The Paranormal
  • Government
  • History
  • Metaphysics 
  • More...

Living Meditations

The same rules apply as in the Living Meditations. More so, we'd say. This is a place to discover various types of meditations, both created and discovered by TAF. Being as how we love to cross-reference, we have also included various meditations from multiple cultures, timelines, intentions, etc.

You can even contribute here if you discover a meditation that you would like to share with the world.