av-chief-editorName: Chief Editor

Location: USA Base on Mars

Specialties: Esoteric Knowledge, Conspiracy Theory

Focus: The Chief Editor really does too much to be written down. However, he does have a flare for Conspiracy Research and Ancient Legends.








Yes, it is hard to believe that if we are not alone in the universe--most government theories, religious beliefs and ideas on the meaning of life will have to be put on hold. In the meantime though, we are faced with the extinction of the human race...Not from aliens, don't worry about that. We're faced with extinction mostly because we can't get along.


Pyramids on Mars composite dm

As a courtesy, here is a picture of Mars.

If you read from the Book of the Anunaki, the carved face on the mountain is said to be one of their brothers who died before he could return to his home. These stories were written on stone tablets 400,000 years ago. We are now just finding the evidence. 

Peace, Love and Let's get along already....