The Novie

AV-The-NovieName: The Novie

Location: USA - NY - NYC

Specialties: iRadio LiveCast, Esoteric Knowledge, LifeCoach

Focus: Working through tough to find knowledge and making the connections between health, science and the unseen world. He has over 20 years in research and practice. Works well with Luna 9 and ELLE-1.










Sometimes confused with the Men in Black, The Novie is quite a character in real life as well as in his professional life.

His objective is to research the links between what is perceived as real and what is not. Having a serious understanding of the military, he works to find the missing links between health, existence, consciousness, and the meaning of life from all perspectives.

Though The Novie tends to hold back a great deal of knowledge, you only need to ask the right questions to realize that the world we live in is filled with veils, shadows, and puppet governments in order to suppress the truth.

Having made contact with the other side, he works carefully to navigate the intelligence from the world of the unseen so that the common person can be freed from fear.