The Eso - Life:

The Eso - Life (Economic Spiritual Optimization):


What we discovered during the 8 year experiment was something far more than what we had hoped to achieve.

...In fact, what we found was an enhancement of many different resources.

As it is, all forms of spiritual readings have seemingly been tampered with by forces and groups that kept the secrets from even the most simplest of human forms.

The meaning of life after death, the meaning of our inner human potential, the meaning of life and experiences, were then revealed.

We had access to a more encompassing consciousness that was not limited to the human idea of consciousness.

That part of the journey would lead us into a better understanding of universal love and self love, also unleashing the law of attraction, the laws of reciprocation, and the Law of One.

But what was even more important is the consciousness that explained Source and the Science of Source.

We learned that part of the truth had always been written in books such as the Bible and the Koran. The only issue was that the information had been altered to suit the Egocentric way of life rather than the spiritual way of living or rather the Esoteric way of life.

Each individual human being was a unique sliver of truth that was to experience the world in the way and manner that he or she would decide. And there was no sin or death. Rather, there would be a continuation of experiences some would refer to as a karmic cycle.

But the beauty of experiencing existence and life would be also tainted by something called the consciousness of darkness.

So it would seem that the human being was programmed to be corrupted and doomed from inception to death of the life cycle.

This secret was so vastly secured that even governments formed around secret societies would become the whispers heard in dark alleyways.

All this information would be placed later into the Book of Esoteric Knowledge.

Meanwhile, each human being was left with a few broken instructions leading them into a world of esoteric starvation.

Without the enternal love, and eternal knowledge, the human being was left to programmed teaching and psychological imprisonment, as well as a slow physical demise.

As if this was not enough, secret societies conspired against the limited physical human construct which houses that which may have become understood as the soul. The powers at be from early inception would begin to control and manipulate the health of individuals, creating further limitation of the basic functions for survival. This action of withholding health information and in many other cases withholdings of natural foodstuffs, would become a simple but effective weapon of war which would imprison the soul within the human body until death of the physical body, creating a karmic cycle or improper reincarnation.

ESO Living is a collective effort of unleashing the truth of who we are and what we can achieve during our unique human cycles and beyond.

It is a path, an individual path, where one comes to terms with self and soul (as so termed by many). However, it is more than just that. ESO Living allows any individual to embrace their inner power and inner harmony, allowing the individual to be the master of his or her own destiny.

It is a path that can only be created by the individual. We can only show you the door, you must be the one to walk through it.

Welcome to the new world - It’s time to shut it down.