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Your question is my question:

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 Many people don't realize how often it is where a question you may have is also the question someone else is happening.

This is partly due to two sets of criteria. On the Eso and Science we find that humanity shares a collective consciousness. It already has been recorded in history where one great idea is shared by multiple people throughout the continents and how also animals have shared a collective experience in order to find a solution to a problem and share its collectively.

Though the science of why this happens is elusive, BTS is here to provide solutions rather than provide mysterium.


PeopleXpress is a friendly:

Place where you can ask any questions that you desire concerning any of the topics presented on our LifeCast,QI's, LogDates, Amuechi, and just about anything else that is on your mind. BTS members make an honest attempt to answer your questions so you can perhaps find a better way of life by acquiring the information you desire.

BTS monitors its forms and cleans out Internet trolling, negative commentary, and harmful biases so that you can have a positive experience looking through different opinions and resolutions.