Profile: About ELLE - 1

 DSC00701Who is Elle-1 ?

Born in Chicago, she found herself in the same dilemma as just about everyone else: She had infinite potential, but not the guidance nor the encouragement to bring it to reality.

As someone with keen insight and, as The Novie said, "a mind like a steel trap with an array of dissection tools to boot" she was a perpetual student since before she could talk. These skills helped her observe the endless cycles of others who spent most of their lives trying to please everyone else, just to find themselves in some kind of debt and deficiency. Her work in the Department of Education, while fueling her passion for teaching, also left her wondering why the system of today's education left people with a desire to be "comfortable" rather than pursuing further knowledge.

So she kept asking herself the questions that propelled her forward, questions in her mind since she was 6 years old: "What is this life really all about? Where is unconditional love? Where is real happiness? How can we get this love and happiness?"

Before she took the full courses on Learning How to Learn, a class in life management and spiritual involution and evolution, ELLE-1 wanted to bring back valuable research findings to Become the Source. Her intent was to find the resources and answers to the questions she had, questions that many in humanity ask. The RTE course had a huge impact on her life, and opened her eyes to a world that was already in front of her, and a reality that she remembered again.

Being one of the first students to apply the research, there are two things you need to know. Because she was, and still is, a highly adaptable person who used her intution and plethora of hidden talents, she was at once the Voluntary Lab Rat and the Mad Scientist of applying this research to human living conditions. Working alongside The Novie, someone just as entrenched in the endeavor, they soon discovered the other vital piece:

The research, when applied to the human condition, actually works in successfully nuetralizing the Darkness Virus and manifesting Source Consciousness!

After an intense two year course, she decided to change her life once and for all and never look back. She realized that for most people, a decision like that is too scary. However, once she discovered who she was, and who she was not, the world of possibilities opened to her and allowed her to breathe once again. Feeling that the correct information was not readily available or was severely misinterpreted, she pondered on several opportunities on how to bring this information to others. Oddly enough, the Humanacon course Learning How to Learn also spoke about the power of attraction and magnetism. Little did she know that only a few months after finishing her courses, she would be presented with an opportunity to do exactly what she set her intentions out to do.

Elle-1 takes a look at her progress so far. Here are some snippets of information--some insightful, some quirky.