LD-3.6 - ¶ - Codex Alimetarius


Codex Alimetarius: Codex and ' Nutricide'.


Research: Rima E. Laibow, MD


NANP-2005 Conference...

The enemy.... 


 As a watchers look upon the human race for indication of progression within its own existence, it appears bleak. With the Darkest Virus settling in deep within the minds of Humana  Limited Consciousness,  is almost expected that the Hume on a Consciousness may eradicate itself or cease all life forms.

OFF-Wolrd contacts have warned specific individuals to get by with his little food as possible. This was misunderstood, perhaps, during the time of transmission. Hence, the research team was led to understanding a greater weapon titled Codex Alimentarius.

Soon after World War II, the Nuremberg tribunals were held by the world courts in Britain. IG Farben,  A company which produces the lethal gas Cyclone B,  the steel and other chemicals that were used in the death of many individual lives locked within concentration camps was also to be judged.

 The president of this company was named Fitz deMeer. 

 during World War II he was cooperating with the SAS and what is termed "the final solution". 

The mega lift company IG Farben was then broken down into Bear,Hecht and BASF.

On July 29, 1948, he was convicted for crimes against humanity. However, he would only serve six years in prison. This allowed him enough time to create a new plot. Once he was released in 1954,  he approached the United Nations was a new conceptual idea of how to control the world. In 1962 they decided that by December 31, 2009, they would have established a Trade Commission titled Codex Alimentarius.

to set up over 27 different committees and establish over  4000 guidelines and standards on everything that the  Limited Umana Consciousness could put into their mouths. "He who controls the food controls the world."

they established the two major commissions title: "World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization which would work at the mercy and instruction of the United Nations.

 In short health and nutrition of the masses around the world would now be at the mercy of the same individuals who attempted to control the world.

 Because of other conditions unknown to the  Limited Humana Consciousness Singularities, their doom has been already sealed once again.

Many all the individuals preparing to be victimized once again, failed again to see the importance of participating in the world community  Allowing the darkness virus to allow for humanity to further consume itself.