LD-3.8 - ¶ - Religion Deviance

Secret Religious Alliances

From a secret letter of Michalangelo to the Vatican, to Abraham Lincoln writing personally to the Pope, to the fact that there are hidden archives stating that aliens exist. The Vatican has been a structure of immense power for centuries, even to the point of recent matters were the United States of America seems to have close ties with them, due to the fact that George W. Bush arranged a birthday party at the white house for the Pope. So, why all the mystery? Why all the secrets?




Catholics Admit that Aliens Exist


Within the closed doors of the Vatican, there have been an astounding amount of happenings which the public may not be aware of. 

The Darkness Virus is something within all humans inhabiting Terra Terra. As one of the Popes said, " there are 4 kingdoms we humans are aware of: The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the human kingdom, and the angelic realm." Since there is such a gap between the human kingdom and the angelic realm he stated above that there is no doubt that there is life on other planets. Also, he stated that there is a spirit within the humans which we may not be aware of. 

With so many mixed signals within the Vatican and its acquired knowledge, it is clear to see that there are things that the Vatican chooses not to disclose for the main reason of having control over the masses. Think about it. If we all Limited Humana Consciousness Singularities knew what we were capable of fully then the Vatican would lose much power, for the Vatican preach only fragments of the information on hold, and withholds the information that is truly the most essential for the Awakening Process.