LD-3.3 - ¶ - Attacking the Body Complex

                                         Photo by: Alex Jones     


 The Attack of the Body Complex

gmo-monster-poison-food2Hidden im plain view, the governenment has focused in adulterating food and water to sicken and sterilize the population for the purpose of eugenics. There are thousands upon thousands of food products containing toxic chemicals and compounds that are highly toxic and tragic for your health, a fact  that the FDA, Mosanto and other companies were aware off and still approved. With things from aspartame (fecal matter of ecoli bactera genetically engeneered) to silly putty like plastic used in Mc Nuggets and tv foods, sodium floride placed in water to make consumers more dosile and easier to manipulate to corn with genetic modofied cottonseed oil. 

cyberstation  The Darkness virus has infiltrated itself so far within the roots of the Universe of Love and with that Terra Terra that the Limited Humana Consciousness acts in ways detrimental to itself, its mirrors, and Source.  The Egoic System becomes so blind and closed away from multi aspects and perspectives by the illusion of power and dominance, which leads it to the extent of poisoning other fragments and parts of Source, and all for a dollar, the tangible luxuries which rule over Terra Terra, Singularity  Humana Consciousnesses, and the Egoic System.

cyberstation  The body was designed to perform many functions, from telepathy to the use of chakras and the use of the third eye, hence the Awakening Awareness Process. However, with so much malnutrition happening all over the globe it becomes quite apparent that the difficulty for Awakening decreases by the moment. Foods and water are what help create and recreate your cells month after month, making the saying "You are What You Eat" intensely accurate. With that said, toxins being distributed throughout the different organs and components of the vesil we call the human body begin to shut down abilities until lock down occurs, making it impossible to re-activate the full potential of the vesil and the Source Consciousness within each Limited Humana Consciousness Singularity.

The Darkness Virus so clever in its design that it creeps within and manifests itself all around you in many attractive ways that tempt the ego into making decisions which within the path of Source would prove to be detrimental.