LD-3.1 - ¶ - The Darkness Consciousness


                                            Illustration by: Unknown Artist


The Darkness Consciousness:


The Darkness Consciousness infiltrates and merely waits for its influence to consume universes at a time.

cyberstation For what is known as the Creator Gods within the limitation of Free Will within the Universe of Love, have worked tirelessly to assit lower realm entities and lower lifeforms in the ways of the harmony of the universe.

Much has been written about the Darkness Virus, shortened to DV, and the way individual entities can remove the symptoms and reject the causing agent (Darkness Consciousness). However, words have not succeeded.

The second stage of those words have now been placed into effect.

When these items are written into words, it may appear as a simple task. However, due to the amount of confusion and all the diversity within groups, the simple task has proven to be quite difficult.

The secret governments with the use of the Science of Source have learned to manipulate the odds in their favor.