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Alien attempts to express origins








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It was stated during a smuggled video where a EBE (gray alien) was being interviewed within the confines of a secret scientific laboratory, that the body housed the soul. According to this smuggled video the small and fragile gray alien was suffering from a respiratory ailment. The gray alien further stated that in their world they had eradicated all disease concerning viruses and bacteria. The small gray alien refused to speak. Instead he used telepathy and pictorial communication.



Because the human brain is biased and must use associations in order to communicate, it is important to note that the telepath was locked within Christian teachings.

We mention this only because in TAF communications the soul only holds the experiences. The experiences are held with neutrality. Etherics house the emotional information; for some of us who are privileged to have Monads, they house a connectivity between aspects/derivatives. As the Germans may place it into functional language and asked that would be called the doppelgänger (also known as the duplicate self).

It is quite important to avoid complications with language. It is quite important to understand that language is finite and limited. It is also quite important to understand that language leads to associations which leads to assumptions, which leads to confusion. However, since the Limited Humana Consciousness Singularities have lost our abilities of telepathy and connectivity to the all-knowing, we are left with only the complexity of language, and as Miguel Ruis discovered through his journey of enlightenment- one of the agreements is to be impeccable with your words.

Unfortunately for the human race as it appeared, the scientists were only interested in that which we term Science of Source.

It has been noted that the grays were "friendly" up until World War II when the atomic age came into being as well as the nuclear age.

When the military became at war with other countries and use weapons of mass destruction, the alien races took heed and a heart to the simple carbon life organisms with their limited and restricted consciousness. No longer were the games of limitation and oppression limited to the scope of the Limited Consciousness Humana on a Singularity.




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Humanity Traded as Software


It would be equally beneficial to understand how far or how gave the darkness virus has penetrated the construct.

Most government have a secret policy which allows them to experiment on their own people. This has been proven time and time again and yet most individuals feel as if they can trust the government.

In fact many individuals see a benefit and allowing the government to create rhetoric which supports such actions.

In the case presented above humanity, once again, the military complex shows how much more important is to gain materialistic gains for the purpose of continuing the illusion of fear and separation.

Shortly after 1947, July 1947 as it's currently believed, a project called Majestic 12 was created. According to some documentation the purpose of the committee would be to investigate the recovery of a UFO north of Roswell, New Mexico during July 1947. However other resources indicate that the United States was well-informed and already creating agreements with the extraterrestrial.

The idea was to trade human lives (software) for technological advances (hardware).
Among the European Community is often joked about that Americans are the only ones to get abducted. Could this joke actually have a foundation?

It is easy to see how the darkness virus has infiltrated even the brotherhood of alien races.









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