How Did BTS Begin?

BTS began with a simple question. WHY?

"Why?" was a question that led down the path of many years of research into the psyche of the human being as well as its origins and its struggle to stay alive.

A great deal of data and research is behind the pioneers of BTS.

However, for the curious at heart, the catalysts for this cyber project began from a former class entitled RTE, Retro Time Entanglement.

The object of this class was to show individuals how they could master their own lives by understanding origins, construction, the law of reciprocation, the law of attraction, the law of magnetism, and finding your inner power.


This course was constructed from many different prestigious and esoteric findings that were thought to be lost or hidden.

Some students did notice that the class also took the various nuggets of wisdom from many self help categories, including NLP, holistic health, spiritual guidance, meditation and energy healing, and put them together into a picture that was all inclusive, ever expansive, and applicable to their daily lives. In other words, instead of listening to good advice and never using it, they received a shipload of practical advice that changed their lives as soon as they applied it.

For example, one lesson involved creating a success journal, a tool that could jumpstart the process of manifesting what they truly wanted in life. The typical process starts with writing a journal in past tense in a date into the future. The concept is by writing in the past tense, the mind is trained into thinking it already happened, which propels the individual author closer to that possibility in the future. One of the students began to notice results immediately when she decided to write in a token as proof that the manifestation was happening. She decided, if she sees antique skeleton keys, whether in photos, artwork, movies, TV, or as actual keys, it was a sign that the realities she wrote were beginning to manifest. Just a week later she began to notice antique keys everywhere, and this began her manifestation.

Many students went on to live their own lives using the power of inner guidance to achieve their life's mission.


One of the instructors, one very successful student, and later on a super secret entity, all realized the power behind RTE.

It was only after they were barraged by questions that they decided to host a private media platform in which others could benefit from the knowledge, and later came across a new entity, Luna 9, who assisted in the development of the project and knowledge.

Now the project has grown to a cyber organism in order to share it with the rest of the world.