ILLAC PHASMATIS Chapter 1:thenovie-selfreflection-002

[VII - The Novie: Self Reflection]






  Above:The Novie goes underground to think about how he could better help humanity.



I have been drinking some of my nutrients that my colleagues are calling Blood Water. It has been repairing the skin on this body and correcting some of the other deficiencies. The person that had this body first should have picked better parents - perhaps.

ELLE-1 and the BOSS are continuously working on MOTHER. She seems really capable. I wonder why a computer system is so inquisitive about Humanity. The BOSS seems a bit stressed at times, as if he knew just a little bit more than he is leading us to believe.

Still, I expect that as a research team, we are all doing the best with what we have. According to the findings, the Milky Way Galaxy has some incredible events lined up for the Human Race and although that is one of the most important things on the minds of the humans, it also seems to be the furthest thing on anyone's mind.

As a brief reminder to self, there are many other items on my agenda of study. For example, it seems that Alien ships have been spotted and noted doing flybys through military bases and the supposedly again at world games.

Some Alien crafts are more easily noted than others. However, our informants report that talking about Alien craft is passé and out of date. According to one of our OFFWorld contacts, there are super powers that are already well past establishing prototypes in the UFO technology. Even Nicola Tesla stated that learning about the science of Alternating Current was given to him by OFFWorlders. 

So with that said, the general people don't realize that the planet and the world may be in a rough ride within the next 10 to 15 years. However, we also don't know if that is true. Some of our staff, like D'Avion, are off somewhere making connections with other underground personnel, attempting to find more information across the world.

Meanwhile, I am here observing, and allowing my friend and colleague ELLE-1 to poke at me with her stick. Sometimes I wonder if she realizes that the enslavement of the consciousness using the body as the main means of prolonging the confusion on this planet, has existed for millions of years. I have already explained to her this body has also created a division of my spiritual essence and that which binds us to be human.

It indeed has been a task to work through. However, I have established Kommunion with my Brothers.