ILLAC PHASMATIS Chapter 1:Novie-001

[VI - The Novie: Keying In Part 2]

 Below: Location: North America Woods: The Novie is directed by OFFWorld to Commune with the wisdom of the Mountains:






There are many things I often do not know how to express to the common people that surround me on a daily basis.

Not for not trying, my reports will show that there is a glitch in this system of existence where the brain, as it appears, has overtaken the ability to see beyond that which is experienced by the self.

There are many perspectives then - Yes?

A perspective, being no more than a timeline towards the path of experience, is then apt to be many. Each culture then can experience and have a perspective as a culture. Where each individual within that culture is able to have an experience that then becomes a fragment of the culture.

If you were a foreigner entering the land of another culture and had new eyes, it would be easy to say that the culture would be the first category of interest. Humans tend to group things together in nice piles.

However, once the foreigner would sit with many individuals within that same culture, you would find that as individuals the Humans of that culture appear to have the very same qualities and yet they have different perspectives formed and forged by their experiences.

This would be then fine and perhaps formulaic. However, humans all have brains, and reasoning and other structures where their naive sciences are just beginning to discover.

That is to say that Humans are Humans regardless what part of the planet they reside upon or walk upon. Yet, they the individual humans cannot see that they are not unlike each other.

For every opposing force there must be a mirror image of self, in order to play out the perspective.

It has baffled my formulaics why they, the humans, cannot see clearly that on a scientific level and a mathematical level, one human perspective cannot exist without the other.

For example, many of these humans literally stumble and fall to the ground. Though in most cases it is not pleasing to the individual that has fallen, the Human does not realize that the fall is a miscalculation of the use of gravity and mechanical movements.

So in their misunderstanding and misappropriated use of gravity, they curse the external cause of their fall. I ask myself why do they know not to bless the ground, the gravity, and their meaningful experience so that perhaps they make better use of the fall.

Without gravity it would be very difficult to walk, to grow, to make homes, to drive autos and even to sit at a table with dinner to eat and enjoy the company of others.

There seems to be a Glitch in the way information is realized and processed. It is as though they are not supposed to know why items of such are placed in plain sight.

The concern is not whether they know it or not, but why they cannot see it.

Is there something like the 7 veils that allow them to know but so much? Has there been a force implication upon their view as to purposely obstruct their view? Is there a virus that has seated itself into their housing?

It has been several years since the group and I parted ways. It reminds me of the old parable where 10 lepers were cured and only 1 returned to say thank you to the one being that saved their housing from peril.

I allowed them to leave without word from me after I myself realized that they, the group, were actually paving roads with good intentions.

RA and other masters warned us of how the egoic system was in mastery of the Human Shell, the housing.

After successfully completing a pilot course where I and the group taught courses of self-empowerment and creation while using the powers of manifestation, I would have thought that the individuals within the group understood the Veils and the truth of existence.

However, perhaps my brothers needed to communicate with me and perhaps the group was formed for their resonance.

After all, it did take about 2 years before we came in contact with true masters of the universe.

And two years for they, the ones connected to the more encompassment of knowledge, to train and teach us of that which mattered greatly to the universe.

They, the masters, do not know peril. They only know that which is transformation.

I, within this human housing, and my colleague, worked together to bring forth a new language that could be used in order to distinguish between the states of the language.

What the humans didn't understand is that there are rules for creations, and they are rules for the Realism. The reality is a perspective of the Realism. Therefore there can be many perspectives to the Realism. But there is only one known Realism.

Again no matter how well in plain language one may describe the Realism and the reality, it seems that the Humans cannot understand it.

I find this confusing and at times trying.

I was asked to work together with a project called Become The Source as a consultant. I agreed, and I am now I am now on the air with ELLE-1. I find her charming and on par with finding the answer to the greater knowledge. The Greater knowing. While Humans attempt to flee their pain and their suffering, I find that ELLE-1 embraces the understanding of the moment something occurs.

She has also read most of my logs, journals, my original classes. As it would appear to the human eye, she is genuine.