ILLAC PHASMATIS Chapter 1:novie-island001

[V - The Novie: Keying In Part 1]


  Above: Woods of North America. The Novie travels as directed by OFFWorld in order to understand the principle of flow.






I thought I had made it clear when I spoke to the group of researchers that were working on this project with me a few years ago, but I guess no matter how much you talk Humans through, the predictable failure rate is high.

Many individuals listen to the LifeCast attempting to enlighten themselves or become enlightened. Though it is true that the LifeCast provides that time of information in a linear delivery of pictorials and sounds, the brain and the Egoic A.I. System is possessed of a maze of trouble for most.

For example, one of the group members that was at the forefront of the research team came to me with a belief system that was faulty and broken.

According to her state of reference, she didn't believe in Religion.

It is important to understand that the initial word Religion was meant to define the personal connection with the One God - That is tricky.

According to her, she felt that she could see things differently and had what most people term a "sixth sense".

Of course, people like that consider themselves to be special when comparing themselves to others that do not have the ability enhanced in them. But the truth is that all humans have the potential, although the probability is low.

What this means is that there is nothing really special about being special. The fact that one may choose not to enhance their abilities is then either foolish or it was never an option.

For example a blind man doesn't think that a seeing man is special. In fact it is much the opposite, the blind man believes that the seeing man is crippled.

Well then, if we all have the same potential and do not develop it, doesn't that make us cripples?

Likewise, a blind man learns to use his other senses and learns the art of gratitude and indeed that be special, for humans in general take their fortunes for granted and then complain about their lack.

So as I was saying, the group was forewarned that when they crossed over and made contact with the other side, there would have to be changes in the dynamic ways they approached life.

With all honesty, they didn't have a manual or a script to follow. They were all learning as they went, each day a step closer towards making contact. Indeed I perhaps failed to make mention of a few items of interest. However, I believed that major rules should and would be followed.

Rule Number One: Seek First To Understand.

Rule Number Two: Always be in Service of Others

Rule Number Three: Speak always with the Truth. - This can be tricky.

Rule Number Four: This one is reserved for masters. So I will not make mention of it here.

They were all prepared in this way to make contact with OFFWorld beings, in order to find the meaning of life that could lead them back to their true selves and thus connecting with the Brothers and Consciousness that we are all part of.

Unfortunately two years after making contact, the group was destroyed. No one but themselves destroyed it. As it appears, the Egoic System took hold of the Young Mind and she strayed from the path, believing that she was going to bring the next Jesus Christ into the world.

To which I asked two very simple questions.

If a newborn would come to this plane of existence, he would need time to grow and mature. Even with the guidance of our OFFWorld Brothers, that would take time, time that, as we are being told again and again, we don't have anymore. Why then go that way?

If a newborn would come to this plane of existence, this would only mean that the Humans have yet failed again to understand that this world and the life that they lead is and are their world, and they are responsible for the happenings about. It makes no sense to put that kind of responsibility on one singularity.

ELLE-1 survived the research group, and so she and I have remained good friends. Occasionally we run into one or two of the group members. And it seems sadly that they have regressed to their old forms, only this time their Egoic Systems are more guarded and broken.

ELLE-1's optimism that Humana Consciousness will become an involution fascinates me. So I believe in her world more than I believe in mine at this time.

The BOSS, on the other hand, has asked me to be on the LifeCast as a consultant. Between the email and the contacts, I do find it beautiful to work with individuals that wish to expand their learning.

For the most part, I am still collecting the research, as I am driven to connect in a better way to my Brothers as it may help complete the cycle of knowledge.

TOE - The Novie