the labrynthILLAC PHASMATIS Chapter 1:

[II - The BOSS: Initial Analysis]




theboss-silhouetteSo they've done the research, and we've looked at the problem.

And after ten years of looking at it, they've made the discovery that I'm still wrapping my head around.

Though I give most of the orders in this organization, I myself work from orders given to me by others that I don't get to meet. I can say here that the research we have gathered had, quite honestly, disappointed me. When I asked the agents and the associates to research the problem that was plaguing humanity and the rest of this world, most of us here expected something within the design to be the problem.

And with everything that we're finding within this design that is creating fear and separation, it would appear to be the case. I thought it was the case, and that's why I decided to lead this organization in the first place. I came here with the expectation that this would be a life management company. I have been called by my colleague Mr. Daniel Godding a humanitarian. Though I personally hired him for the birlliant contributions he's made so far, I sometimes don't wish to converse with him as much as he thinks I like. But that's a different story.

Though humanitarian is just another label, I did take the lead with this life management company with the notion to enhance and help the entire human being: that included the areas of education, relationships, health, and spirituality.

And when the early research was gathered, it made rather perfect sense to extend our resources to help people out as much as possible. After all, the education system was something that I had termed as a major problem, among other things. 

After all, the very notion of teaching a child new things while ingraining the message that he should know everything already is something that leads most children to, as MOTHER would coin the phrase, "a madness of their own." This "medness" is expressed through lack of attention, frustration, low self-esteem, and the like. 

We discovered that "the pattern continues into adulthood," as The Novie would say, when conversations like picking a candidate to vote for become heated debates and hostile confrontations about "being right" and "doing best for the nation".

But I asked Daniel Godding one day, how can these adults vote and decide what's best for the nation, when their governmental leaders are not educating them properly on the way the economy works, the finances work, or the way an election works? These questions are easily answered by him, though not answers that I always agree with.

The issues that come from candidates seem to focus on belief systems rather than economic progression. For example, I have seen more fights and debates and ugliness over issues such as abortion, gay rights, and religion, than on economic growth and fixing national debt or international relations. This was the conclusion reached by the agents, though I myself have been in the mix of politcal brawls and actually enjoyed them.

And at the same time, if you look at the recent array of mental and brain disorders that are prevalent in most people, starting at a young age, you begin to question the health of the people who are arguing and fighting over politics. Perhaps their health and their mental capacities are at a point where they cannot handle topics such as income, economics, religion, and political theory.

After all, the rise in attention deficit disorder (so-called ADD), Alzheimer's, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are trends that appear not only in America but in other parts of the worId. I felt forced to admit, after seeing the research, that these trends go on even in my own home country.

And so my next question was, who and what is the cause of these trends? Well, for starters, the increased fluoride content in water, vegetables, coffee, tea, and the increase of toxic materials in so-called flu vaccines, such as mercury and the like, contribute to the trend of peoples brains turning to mush, for lack of better words.

From this standpoint, it would almost appear as if it's a lost cause for the enthusiastic first-year teacher and the enthusiastic parents who want to raise a family. Then in this respect, you can't blame the government for not wanting to educate their people. Why try educating somebody who has a mental ability that is decreasing more and more over the generations?

So as it would seem, governments and education are the problem, right? Religion is the problem too. It would even appear that the distribution of wealth is the problem. Throw in the declining health of people and your head spins. I know it spun my head, and that is what I thought it would be when we finally finished a solid ten years of research.

But, as it turns out, from arguments and debates with the agents and with a few heated conversations with MOTHER, government, education, health, and even religion are not the problem. These are merely symptoms of the real problem. Of course, this conclusion did not come overnight, and in the end, gratitude needs to go out to those that have gone to places that others consider taboo. 

Though I was surprised, I am, admittedly, relieved to let everyone know that the problem does not lie within a single group, person, belief system, political agenda, or any other such object within what MOTHER would call "the construct." The problem is, as MOTHER would say it, and as I would for now grudgingly accept, the construct itself. But what the bloody hell is the construct?

Here's the kick in the arse: Most people cannot figure this out until they have spoken with what's been categorized as OFFWorld entities and even stepped outside of the construct itself. At least, that's what the data we have gathered is saying, and that is what I have trouble understanding.

Outside of the construct...when we began this research over ten years ago, we thought that this "contruct" was the only place we needed to look. After all, the human life was limited to this construct, this Earth, as what I believed.

But the real sad truth is, it looks like we've been told this before by other entities. Do the names Jesus, Buddha, Einstein, and Ramtha ring a bell to anyone here?

As a collective human race, I will personally argue that figuring out how to live life on your terms, with real freedom, is, difficult. So difficult, that humans have not been able to live life on their terms. You can't really blame them. To paraphrase Einsten, after all, it's hard to solve a problem within the problem. I guess I have a new appreciation for it...and there's that bloody word again...construct.

Still, I have to wonder, if we were given the solution, and we ended up ignoring and persecuting the people who gave us the solution, as it appears throughout history, what consequences does this have on everybody here?

I suppose I should anticipate the arguments. I used to argue, and I know what the humans reading this are going to say. They are going to say "We did not persecute and ignore the people who gave us this knoweldges! After all, we still look at their teachings!"

I know that;s what they're going to say. I know because that's what they always say, as The Novie would say. More importantly, I know it because that's what I used to say.

Oh sure, we look at their teachings all right. But what we look at is our distortion of their teachings that have been marred by fear and separation. Take the case of Jesus Christ for example. Even people who do not adhere to Christianity know the story of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our so-called "sins". Sins, which, as I have found out, do not even exist--try looking at your Sunday priest after hearing that.

What is completely ignored is the true message of Jesus Christ, a message that I thought for a while I got. Based on our research from OFFWorld entities, and our agents from cross-referencing other cultures and ancient texts, that message was this: that we could all do and become what he was. He looked at us as our brothers, as equals, not as inferiors. And he spoke of unconditional love from a Source that was ALL.


I didn't get that to be honest, but it was staring me in the face the whole time. But what do humans now focus on? They focus on the fact that Jesus Christ was persecuted, ridiculed, beaten, outcast, and ultimately nailed onto a cross to die. Why? Because the belief is humans are sinners, and someone needed to die for them. The belief is humans are not worthy. The belief is humans need to look outside to a single man as opposed to looking inward and becoming what he was.

Hence, I can see why why you have scattered religions, who all believe that their single religion is correct. I can see why you have religions who attract people that feel they are being persecuted, either by governments, other religions, other people, their own families, and even other entities like so-called Satan and demons and aliens.

So to get back to the point. Jesus Christ was just one example of someone who tried to give humans the answer, and that answer was that the construct itself was the problem, something that stilll puzzles me. That's what he attempted when he drew the line in the sand. 

Of course, I figured there are going to be some effects to this. It would make sense if there was.

Take for example these real concepts, things I learned after battling out the legitimacy of this information, only to find out it was accurate.

Number one, we are not as alone as we think we are. The earth is not the only planet with life, and the third dimension is not the only dimension with intelligent entities within. There are many entities, lifeforms, quantum states, and multidimensional beings that we will refer to as OFFWorld entities.

Secondly, these OFFWorld entities are very aware of earth and the third dimension and the human race. Very aware. According to research from the department of TAF, it would appear that these OFFWorld entities do not suffer from the same problem as the human race. In small pockets, this is not the case, and these small pockets are closer to the third dimension and closer to us than we would like to think. But I digress. And I will address that later.

Third, and probably most important of all, our system affects other systems. Let me repeat: Our system, this world, this consciousness, and this overall collective way of thinking affect other worlds. If according to our research most of these OFFWorld systems do not have the same problem as the human race does, how does that affect their system?

And more importantly, what are they going to do about it?