LD: 2016-05-15: Bibx - What is the New Economy?

Bibx: Basic Orientation of the New Economy for Beginners



LogDate: 2016-05-15

The BTS crew (The Novie, ELLE-1 and later joined by Luna 9), along with Daniel Godding, met together with two like-minded individuals who we will call Ryan and Jason, in an undisclosed area to discuss the basic understandings of creating your own financial means to live.

The meeting that took place was both an unusual and fruitful one. The BTS crew would like to extend full gratitude to Ryan and Jason for attending. Amongst the items discuss were how to make use of the new sub economy called the Shopping Annuity to help individuals fulfill their passions. Ryan for one mentioned he would like to continue working after he learned to use the Shopping Annuity to establish his financial freedom. The Novie and ELLE-1 found this most admirable, since they too will continue working on the BTS project, and they all shared the common knowledge of being passionate about the work they do.

Jason, although timid at the beginning of the conversation, opened up and spoke about his personal efforts in creating a better life for himself. His information is crucial in the understanding of how to make this project work for everyone.

As it appeared, the new Bibx (Business in a Box) team for BTS, has begun with a bang!

Items discussed:

  • * What is the Shopping Annuity and how does it work?
  • * How can the Shopping Annuity work for me?
  • * How can I achieve financial freedom to enhance the things that I already want to do?
  • * How can I use the Bibx tools online along with free training in order to achieve my goals?

Again, the BTS Team and M.O.T.H.E.R. would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the two new contributors, Jason and Ryan. Full disclosures can be found on the Kronicles.


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