Profile: Spiritual Journey

Novie Meditation

"The idea of spirituality has been a profound subject for the last 25 years. I have met a great many people during my journey of spiritual findings and have encountered a great deal of interesting subject matter which ranges from the supernatural to the average natural, and other items which have a category."

The Novie has created a personal quest of finding the true meaning of spirituality using a variety of methods. Therefore this quest has been more of a professional quest than a personal quest.

The Novie has studied how the body functions and how the mind and the brain operate. Within his studies and his research, he has found how spirituality and religion symbolically and literally have been used to break apart nations, homes, families, and ideas.

Says The Novie:

"There seems to be a wide conception of what spirituality and religion truly mean and truly is. First of all the word religion and its original context simply means "connection with spirit." If you go by the original definition of religion, there is and can only be spirituality. Organized religion has been used many times for the manipulation of the masses, as it has already been documented and researched by many, ranging from military strategists to theologians. So, quite frankly with all the confusion, it is very easy for one to desire to be an atheist.

However, this is the reason why I decided to do a professional research program on what spirituality actually meant. To understand these ideas and concepts one must first understand what is personal spirituality versus professional spirituality.



Before beginning to try to explain this concept, I will ask a simple question. Let's say for example that you needed heart surgery. You go to the hospital and they inform you that one doctor has just come fresh out of med school. They explain to you that this person is eager to begin performing heart surgery since he's only been a few weeks out of school and even less so in actual practice. On the other hand, they explain to you, there is an older surgeon which has done many surgeries and has a proven track record. The question is, which one would you like to go to?

This question, or this analysis, poses a great many ideas of differences. For example, how serious are you about the heart surgery? I suppose if you don't care about your health you would go with any which one that is available, and you would simply move on thereafter. Many of us choose our spirituality in the same format. As long as we feel good, we do it because it is available to us and it is easy.

The other question is this: Would you go with the one that is freshly out of school? I thought I have asked this question many times and I have yet to see someone say that they were eager to go with the one who has been only a few weeks out of school. Hence, I look upon spirituality and religion in the same way. I asked myself a simple question: Why should I follow or be content with merely knowing and understanding a religion that is just down the corner from me?

Unfortunately, in many of my reviews and conversations, most people claim that the reason why they go to church or go to any spiritual format is because it makes them feel good. I could argue that for a child, in which going to church means having candy and singing songs because it makes him feel good. However, the candy will soon rot his teeth and the singing would soon come to an end when his voice changes and he begins dating.

I don't believe many of us put enough emphasis or time in understanding what spirituality truly means. One must remember that patterns and habits are formed within the brain. The brain, within the hippocampus, stores a great deal of information within the neuro-dendrites. Something many people may not realize is that when neuro-dendrites need to move about and rearrange thought patterns, it creates a great deal of discomfort. Hence the human body has problems understanding new ideas because it automatically rejects them. Perhaps the brain feels that moving neuro-dendrites around takes up too much energy.

Have you ever attended a school and attempted to learn a brand-new subject? How tired are you after the first day of learning and how irritated can you get? The same is true in learning new concepts and new ideas.

Most often we use our judgment evaluation systems within our very own poor self-esteem to determine whether or not we would continue learning something new or return to learning something old and familiar.

The danger of spirituality and religion is exactly just that. If we decide to research the truth and origins of the information provided to us, then we would see the very same attributes of fatigue, irritation, and disbelief. After all, a belief system merely has it come to a realization. This is the only reason why so many individuals can have so many different belief systems. After all, we are 99.9% the same.

We look at Christianity we were are looking at a form of spiritual seeking that is only about 2040 years old if that. therefore they are much older books that have been written in the quest for spirituality. This is the part where I ask often do you want to go within less experienced surgeon or the one that has more experience.

The Sumerian texts that are actually our very first language known to mankind, indicate that there is a God of One. however, in the very same talks about intergalactic travel to a place called earth and the genetic manipulation of the indigenous creatures here called "pre-Magnum" and the becoming of a new race called the human being.

Too many times I have seen so many people look upon these subjects as fictitious our faults, however they do not do the research. The truth of the matter is that even if the human being was created by the Anunnaki, the Anunnaki still realize that there was a God and someone had to make them as well. So whether I was a test tube baby or not-I don't care. What I do care about is reaching an understanding awareness of where I come from and what can be done with my life form and life force. In this manner I can do the research and still keep it simple while having an open mind.