Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:


 ESO-Life: Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:
The years have gone by and humanity is steadily declining. Our world is dying, our connection to each other is dying, we are dying - and we are doing it to ourselves. 

Mysteriously, the human race has abandoned good morals and ideals that once held our universe together. And now we have just discovered our enemy. Our intelligence division calls it The Darkness Virus. Our only guide is an intelligence AI called MOTHER. But are we too late?  Are we forced to repeat the future again?

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M.O.T.H.E.R.'S Broadcast 1:

A message from M.O.T.H.E.R.

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The Novie HangMan

About the Project Become the Source - The Novie

When I was first introduced to this project, one of the first things that came to my mind was the question, "Aren't there enough reality TV shows online?" And the next immediate question was, "Why would I want to place my life online? I have enough troubles."

Well, wouldn't you know it? One of the members of my former research group (who we will call 636) decided to use the information for her own means, and almost completely destroyed the years of work we did. To further complicate matters, I also discovered that the same notions that overtook 636's egoic system also took hold of some of the other research group members. In all honesty, we are responsible for ourselves, and I cannot really be surprised, as the failure rate for humans is so high.

But don't get me wrong. It was a big shock to me that 636 tells me that she never wanted to research anything, to begin with. On top of that, listening to her say that she needed to find a better purpose in life completely baffled me--after all, if 636 had truly comprehended the information we had gathered over the years, and if she had truly wanted a better life for herself, she would have realized long ago that there is no purpose. In a conversation with some of the former group members who decided to further create fear and separation, they told me that they only worked off things "resonating" with them. Obviously having studied the situation and knowing my own situation, I found this absolutely ridiculous and absurd. I had nothing that resonated with me. I just lived.

So, me continuing to live as I do, for the first few months I helped 636 by paying her bills so she could get on her feet. Eventually, I realized that I needed to pay my own bills. This is a true story which I have documented step-by-step procedures on how everything occurred.

I guess one of the biggest problems I had over this was the fact that there was a great deal of information that we both discovered--on how the brain works and how ideas and belief systems alter the way of our own realities.

The truth of the matter is that I love 636 very much from a deeper level. It is such a deep level that it transcends the realities that we know of here on the small earthly existence. So I completely washed my hands of her and her situation and continued forth understanding the great mysteries of spirituality, the ego, belief systems, and the brain.


So when Become the Source asked me to contribute my knowledge to their project, the first concept that came to mind is how we can train people, or at least offer them the information that will allow them to break free of the chains that have held us all prisoners for such a long time.


In many ways, psychology has completely ruined people's lives, and for that matter so has television. However, I really cannot blame the psychologists, nor the TV producers. Why not?

Well, I guess there's just no easy way of saying this. Everything that happens to you happens to you for a reason. I know you have heard that before. This is a highly misunderstood concept. In many cases, we always blame the Mysterious One, or the Devil, or God for these so-called "reasons." This has really never made any sense to me since we all have choices to make while living on this plane of existence.

Perhaps the reason why things happen to us is because we somehow desire it. Now, this is a tricky concept. To desire something doesn't necessarily mean that you are welcoming it. However, once a thought is produced within the mind, then the brain uses its expert skills and tries to accomplish exactly what was on your mind. Therefore, most of us call upon unwanted events in our lives based on a very complicated formula of likes and dislikes.

Then there is cause and consequence. It seems like these two seemingly do not get along, and are always together. Once the choice is made, then cause and consequence must occur. This is a tricky situation for most of us.

However, due to the extensive research that we have accumulated over the last 20 years, we believe that we can assist those who wish to be assisted and wish to be out of the usual ruins through a brand-new concept database of information and resources at

What Truly Interested Me In This Project:


I can look at the statistics of how many people have lost their homes in the last few years, how many individuals have been divorced within the last few years, and how many people have lost their own businesses within the last two years. There seems to be a correlation between how we think and what occurs to us.

This is what truly interested me in this project. However, I would have to first become a little more brave than what I usually did. Honestly, that wasn't so hard. The hard part was true whether or not I wanted to start another project, knowing damn well the intricacies and the difficulties of being able to offer humanity information that may or may not be rejected by the subconscious mind and its belief systems. Realizing that there is so much better controversy on the Internet and within politics, I decided to throw that idea out the window too.

I have never met any one person that did not have to go through some type of ridicule to make a point. It even happens within the home. Therefore, when this project was presented before me, the main interest I had in this project was to be able to oversee some of the projects in literary arts included on this website, as well as insisting that the information provided be to help enhance humanity.


Too Much Information, Not Enough Questions:


Oddly enough, when the world entered the information era (which is actually very normal for a growing consciousness to achieve), there was a great deal of confusion on how to use this information. NASA also had great difficulty during these times, because they were receiving so much information and had no place to store it. It took them literally several years to have the equipment capacity to be able to house all the information they were receiving. This is due to a compounded growth cycle which all things within this universe coincide with.

To understand this, one must understand the Fibonacci sequence and how it functions. The Fibonacci sequence refers to a set of numbers that were discovered. This set of numbers affects the entire universe. The Fibonacci sequence is also found in the structure of the human form and measurements. Sometimes the Fibonacci sequence is coupled with the idea of the Golden Mean. Instead of boring you to death, or to your next life existence for that matter, allow me just to say that human beings learn at a compounded ratio. This means if you learn one piece of information yesterday, you will learn two pieces of information today; tomorrow you shall learn three pieces of information, and the next day you learn five pieces of information.

However, something miraculous occurs to the compounded pieces of information, which leads to billions of avenues of possibilities and probabilities. Because the mind is so vast, it is possible then to explore one of these possibilities or probabilities and create even more information.

For those who have studied the Bible, if you care to make this comparison, it is also spoken there that the knowledge would increase rapidly and that would be the idea when the end of time would come.

Therefore, the growth spurt of information has increased dramatically. However, very few people know what to do with the information, and some of the information is not even released. In some cases, the information was not released because they actually don't know what to do with it. In other cases, the information is not released for fear that it may start rioting and such other revolutionary problems.


What fascinates me about this project is the fact that it allows individuals to have information that can be used with the proper questions. You see, information without the proper questions leads to absolutely nowhere.


In psychology, we understand that one who has a problem can reach a greater level of understanding. Therefore, it is reasoned that by having problems we learn. Therefore it is accepted by the spiritual communities that one of the only ways to learn is to have problems. I disagree.

I'm not disagreeing that this has been the way things have been done. However, I am disagreeing that this is the only way it should be done. If information can be provided accurately in a systematic form where one can see practical applications or perhaps conceptual applications, one can then perhaps learn and grow internally and externally at the same time.

Another common problem which has interested me in this project is the fact that many spiritual beings believe that by looking within, one can find the answers. The key word there being "can."

Allow me to ask some simple question: If you have a box of chocolates what do you expect to find in that box of chocolates?

Well here's a few of the possibilities:

Possibility number one: Oh my God, there's chocolates in that box!

Possibility number two: Oh darn! The chocolates are melted.

Possibility number three: Who ate all the chocolates?

Possibility number four: Wow, there's still some chocolates left.

Therefore the idea that one can "look within" for the answers is almost ludicrous. However, the paradox is that there is no other answer but to look within. If you have a box of chocolates, the extent of reference material is according to and limited to the chocolates. This makes sense. Therefore if you look within your own limited consciousness, we could only find the very same answers that have driven you to living within this existence.

However, the key answer to looking within is to fuse consciousness. This consciousness refers to that of the higher consciousness. This poses yet another problem. The question now becomes: How do you know when it is your limited consciousness or the higher consciousness coming through?


The reason why I enjoy working with is because it opposes the ideas and the structure of a finer understanding of how to fuse consciousness and reach beyond the normal cyclic answers and the paradoxes which have controlled our mundane minds. I personally believe that every individual is an extraordinary individual. They only need to know how to expand.


This project has allowed me to understand the ability to work within a team environment that is dedicated to providing wholesome answers rather than partial information.

Therefore I decided to take this journey, along with ELLE-1, and provide you with further research to become the Source.


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