The Novie

The N.O.V.I.E. : NUU Overt Visage Intelligence Entity


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The Novie

Current Status: Paranormal Science Officer II
Security Clearance: Above Secret Class B

Team Assignment: BTS

The following information has been declassified for BTS MID and NSA ID Purposes:

Primary EVOL Function: To provide information to MOTHER for the processing of MID in accordance to findings provided within conversation obtained through OFF-World communications

Secondary ESO Life: To provide guidance of evolutionary material to the science department via BTS Transmission iRadio.


To provide objective information to Mother whereas the information presented of a non-bias nature as portrayed by OFF-World Entities.

To assist NSA6 with understanding the DKVirus.
To Establish HumanCon Modalities for information learning.

The Novie Skills set: Military Combat Experience. Hand to Hand Combat, Veteran of ARMY Task Force: Special Forces (Airborne), Military Grade Psyops Training, paranormal connectivity level 1,2,3,5


Professional Profiles: The Novie

The Novie is known to many as a creature of a multi-dimensional mind and possesses the power to make you laugh or cry...depending on the questions you ask.

He was once quoted to say: "I awoke today to find myself locked within a dream and encased in a paradise of illusions where there are no bars or gates or soldiers. There was only the Mind and the Ego."


Profile... Basic

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Here is The Novie, fresh with commentary on his own existence.

I think that for the most part, I'm speaking for everyone when I say that I'm highly misunderstood. I realized that we all live with perspectives, and within every perspective, you obviously have different rules and structures that we abide by. Take medical doctors, for instance. They realize that there are several components of the human body that remain in the same place. Then you have the human heart. It's pretty much located in the same place on everybody. Most human beings are born with two legs and two arms and everything.


So I asked myself if we are all 99.9% the same, why can't we all get along?

The answer is actually simpler than you can ever imagine. We all live within perspectives. So what exactly is a perspective? A culture is a perspective, religion is a perspective, a belief system is a perspective. This is the reason why there are so many gods in the world and so many ideas and so many reasons to fight. I mean, just how ugly and disagreeable is that 0.1% difference between us?

With that said, acceptance is the only key, because we are all human and we are all 99.9% the same. We're all trying to understand the meaning of life and live it at the same time. 

The issue is that when one of our perspectives is challenged, we become angered and frustrated and then we begin to fight. Therefore, if all perspectives are right, then we have a real dilemma on our hands. That would mean that we're right and we're wrong at the same time. This actually makes sense, when you consider it. But then again, it's the reason we can't get along.

So why do I feel so misunderstood? It's because I tend to live outside of perspectives.

I like a person that enjoys visiting perspectives and understanding them. However, I don't wish to reside in any perspectives. Of course, what I just said would be a perspective too!!

So you see, there be the reasons why I'm so highly misunderstood.


Political Views:

I really only have one political view and that is all. We are all human beings of a spiritual nature or descent who have forgotten our way home. And therefore we are forced to reincarnate on this plane of existence.

That would really explain a lot. If you believe that this current life is the only life that you have, and it matches that perspective, then you have nothing to worry about. You can just go live your life, sure, and perhaps that would be all for you. But somehow, I highly doubt it.

I believe that our nations have been working too long with the idea of power and the illusion of a foreign concept called peace.

We cannot achieve peace with power.

Yes, that goes out to my ex-girlfriend. (My attempt at humor there, heh.)



My Views on Honesty:

I find it very difficult, to be honest about anything.

Not for lack of trying, you understand. It's because everything is a perspective, and perspectives tend to shift and change from time to time.



A small example: When someone asks you, "Do I look good?" Of course, you want to say yes! However, isn't the act of saying "yes" from your perspective? And don't perspectives change? So, therefore, one can say "you look good" today, and then say something different tomorrow because of your frame of mind or frame of reference.

Therefore, I am always honest. The difficulty is that items of honesty are sometimes misunderstood. Perspectives change depending on situations and desired outcome.



My Views on Religion:

Since I understand how the brain actually works in referencing belief systems and ideologies and such things, then it is very difficult to understand exactly what religion truly is, how it works, and how it functions.

For example, Christians believe that they are absolutely correct, just the same way the Catholics do, just the same way the Druids do, just the same way the Mayans do, just the same way the Atheists do. When you study religion accurately, you'll find out that many of the ideas stem from the Samaritans and the lost books of Enki. Within those, folks talk about the creation of mankind and make mention that the creators do them in their likeness. Children often see their parents as gods. Did you know that? In fact, to most people, anything stronger than them is considered a God.

But let's not go there right now. Let's keep it light and fluffy.

What is the purpose of religion anyway? Is it to feel good or to seek out the truth of your origins? I often asked myself why would anybody stop at a little over 2,040 years ago with the story of Jesus, when there is so much rich history to be uncovered and discovered?

Most of us already know that the Bible has been changed several times to suit the needs of the emperors and kings and so forth. So, thanks to a few truth seekers, we are able to compile a better concept of what religion truly means.

The word religion and its origin mean "unity with spirit or unity with God."

So in the true definition, I consider myself very religious. But in the organized religion, we have to follow so many rules that I must admit, I get confused. After studying so much and documenting so much, it is obvious that many of these ideals within religion are antiquated. The reason they're antiquated is because once you realize the times of struggle which people have gone through, you can understand some of the rules and structure put in place.

In a documentary from Bill House (Bill Uhouse Area 51 Alien Underground Base from Bases 2), there is a small segment there where he is asked about the Grays and if they have an affiliation with that of any religion. It was reported that the aliens merely said they don't have religious views and neither does the universe. They just believe in a higher spirit.

It seems that all information, including the root word of religion, points to one direction. That direction is oneness with all things, which I have not found within any organized religion since they keep pointing the finger at each other.

So that is that on religion.

Dating Preferences:

It is highly known that I have several weaknesses. The first and most obvious weakness is Asians.

I don't know if it was a past life or what it was, but I am fascinated by Asian women. It is almost difficult not to keep a straight face or keep my eyes fixed forward when one of these beautiful and well-designed creations walks before me. In a way when I look at them, it almost looks like they have a fixed smile and a happy look to them. If I had to rank them, I believe that my first weakness would be for Chinese women, my second weakness for the Japanese, and then Korean.

My second and very subtle weakness is for the German and the French culture. The subtle weakness is incredible and it is part of a fixed program inside my brain-or so I believe.

Here's just a little anecdote: I remember watching a movie where I was fascinated by the female on the screen. The English spoken by her was accurate and perfect. However, I couldn't keep my eyes off of the woman on the screen. At the end of the film when the credits were rolling, her name came up and wouldn't you know it--she was German!

So there I am, caught between Asians and the Germans and the French, and I don't know why. Truly tragic, I know.

Favorite Foods:

For a very long time, I did not like eating any foods. When I tell most people this, they are shocked. The fact of the matter is that I really don't get hungry, and food would only slow me down. Truthfully this may seem uncommon, but to me, it almost seems like the right thing to do, if you don't starve yourself.

There are few individuals on this plane of existence that have been documented not to eat foods. Moreover, according to ancient writing, food was something that was meant to be fun, not a necessity. How accurate are these stories or whether it's true or not, really doesn't matter. And the fact that some people do not need to eat food is incredible. However, whether or not you choose to eat is up to you.

There were times when I was in the military that I didn't eat for days because I had forgotten to eat. During those days I was 155 pounds (American measurements) and I felt fine. I was always full of energy. And to this day, when I eat food, I usually feel a little bit more sluggish. So for me, there a lot of scientific reasons for which I don't need to get into the moment of eating.

However, I do have a few favorite foods, believe it or not, and that is probably because they're just so enjoyable.

One of my favorite dishes is Cream of Wheat. I enjoy the texture. Goes great with cinnamon sugar or brown sugar.

Kebab is another great item to eat. It's found mostly in Germany, as they use the correct ingredients. However, it is not a German food! It is a Turkish food. The way it's prepared is with shavings of lamb meat in something like a pita bread with vegetables and onions. Serve this masterpiece with garlic sauce. It is absolutely delicious and I have been known to eat two or three helpings per day.

Oatmeal is one of the other things that are really enjoyable. Again, mixed with cinnamon, sugar, and even some raisins.

Lamb seems to be a favorite with me as well, and I often go to a Moroccan restaurant in Savannah Georgia to enjoy wonderful lamb meal served with apricots and shavings of almonds>>delicious exhibition point.

I have had a few other favorite foods so to speak, however, the ones mentioned above are definitely a weakness.

Places I Have Enjoyed to Live:

This is an interesting question to ponder upon because you have to think about why it is that you enjoy a certain place. Is it because it reminds you of something from your past or your childhood? Is it because of openness? Is it because of accessibility to New Age and new technological products? Is it because of the people there, the places, the food, the culture, the memories, the potential for experiences?

I believe that most people enjoy a place to live because of the comfort of what they feel and the memories of what meant most to them during the times that they live there or comparisons to where they live. This poses a little bit of a problem for me since I believe it is within the beauty of the people and the landscape that allows one to appreciate places to live. However, accessibility seems to be another issue because if you're stuck in the house all day, how can you enjoy these places?

So, therefore, technology and financial assistance is a great determining factor on how well you enjoy a place.

Hands down I must say that Germany offers a great deal of support in all these areas and arenas, and their way of life is much more comprehensible to me. Store owners and shop owners, for example, leave their place of employment at about 4:30 PM. They also have an hour break for eating or two hours for reading. They get paid well and therefore they can travel and take care of their homes for just working several hours. As well, they receive two months vacation or even four months vacation just walking through the door. So as you can see, the quality of living is better for the individual in Germany.

However, there's still more. Because Germany is so centrally located, we can easily travel from one country to the other and absorb all of the beauty, while still coming home.

One of my other favorite places in Strasburg, France. I had a few friends there and a lot of wonderful memories there as well. The sites are to die for (or live for, whichever expression you prefer), and the people are beautiful and sometimes even exotic in their behavior and mannerisms.

What I like mostly about overseas living is the fact that most people talk to you based on who you are--and not what you do. There is a genuine interest in understanding your experiences and the person that you are. I met a few people like this in the United States, while I'm currently working on this project. However, being one that lives outside of perspectives, for the most part, I'm mostly interested in the sharing of time with individuals regardless, but it is they also wish to share or enjoy.





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