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Who is The Novie?


Who is The Novie?

The Novie is quite interesting and highly misunderstood. As a result of this, many people that know him well and think kindly of him have nicknamed him the "Alien". Born in Puerto Rico without shoes or a shirt to wear, his family migrated to the United States where he spent a bit of his childhood.

After a strange event in his high school life, where he lost a great deal of his memory, he began to see the world in a different way. It was as though the world didn't really make sense. In need of answers, he joined the military and became an expert marksmen, a highly skilled martial artist, and proficient in psychological warfare. He was so well liked and admired for his skills that when he finished most of his military courses, the 7th Group Special Forces called him into duty, where he entered the world of Guerrilla Warfare.

Still searching for answers, he moved to Germany, where he met Kerstine, someone who noticed the strangeness about his curiosities. She, her dad Joen, and other sister Stephanie, took him in and showed him the finer meaning of life--the German way.

There he began to express some of his understanding in Sci-Fi books such as Tooth: A Tale of Love and Death, followed by Melonnie: The Dark Side of Truth and Nichole: A Kiss for the Dying. Encoded in these books were the psychological findings of an interpretation that would later lead into a more spiritual life, but first he noted, humanity would have to bypass the programming mechanisms that were implanted and reinforced in the Neo Cortex (The Brain).

The Novie calls the Ego "Juanchito", an inside joke he has that others still can't figure out. The Novie is able to express highly complicated concepts and mind functions, as if he knew what happens in the after life.

Wanting to help humanity understand these concepts, The Novie knew he would first have to find someone that could not only understand his cryptic style of speaking and his complicated mind, but could also apply her own creativity and bring the complex research in a format that was accessible to all: That person was ELLE-1 (if you ask ELLE-1, she says that The Novie needed someone who could just plain "put up with him." Luckily, ELLE-1 could also do that too). When ELLE-1 asked The Novie to be a fully participating partner in the project, he decided to work together with her on iRadio at the company Become the Source.  Also, The Novie would come to find that there would be another person on board, changing the course of his path forever: The Luna 9.

The Novie created a personal quest of finding the true meaning of spirituality using a variety of methods. Therefore, this quest is more of a professional quest than a personal quest.

The Novie studied how the body functions and how the mind and the brain operate. Within his studies and his research, he found how spirituality and religion symbolically and literally have been used to break apart nations, homes, families, and ideas.


Here's what The Novie says about the relevance of spirituality in today's world:


"The idea of spirituality is a profound subject since the last 150 years of American history. Recently, it turned into a hot topic worldwide. I met a great many people during my journey of spiritual findings, and encountered a great deal of interesting subject matter. These subjects range from the supernatural to the average natural, and then some.

Our world is changing whether you like it or not. If you're ready you move on and collect your $200, this shift should be no problem for you. However, if you're not ready, you might get to repeat your endeavors in another dimension. I don't know. But judging from our history books, I'd rather move on."