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Welcome to Ibecome Radio

"I can only show you the door. You will have to walk through it."


New Show: Tuesday and Thursday

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Hosts: The Novie and Laurita

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How iBecome Radio (iRadio) Came About


 In most cases, many ex-soldiers encounter a great number of obstacles, making their lives incredibly difficult to live among mundane and ordinary citizens which did not experience the hardships they did.

This prompted The Novie into a different form of research that would aid such individuals in "re-codifying" themselves into mainstream society. However, much to his surprise, The Novie found greater avenues of information and understanding, leading him down the path of what he thought to be self-help courses and classes.

The Novie lived some of the topics of his self-help research first hand. Besides knowing about the psychological effects of being in the military, the Novie married a truly unique (and clinically depressed) woman for 12 years. This marriage gave him a deeper insight and understanding on what "life" should be but rarely is.

Around 2005, The Novie and his wife agreed to divorce each other. However, having learned so much of the psychology, spirituality, and social conditioning, they were able to avoid much of the common mishaps and long-term misery associated with divorce. Promising her one full year of access to anything that he had or he was, the couple parted ways and The Novie proceeded with his research and self-help courses online. The unique parting of this relationship raised many questions and avenues of new thinking, since the couple remained great and inseparable friends despite the hardship.

It was during this time where The Novie became familiar with Angeli S., another who dedicated some time to the project. This relationship did not last long, due to the complexities of understanding spirituality and the unseen worlds. As a result of thought conception and severe misunderstanding, Angeli S. parted ways and broke away from the group, taking on a new partner in pursuing her own personal interests. As The Novie explains, this is a very typical reaction once the human brain begins to formulate opinions based on emotions and the illusion of physically being important in a design that doesn't work.

December 12, 2010


 On December 12, 2010, The Novie packed up his most important belongings, which included his research, and combined his efforts with Laurita.

Laurita had read most of the research and applied it to her life. Finding avenues of great benefit, great understanding, and being within the mindset of public service, the Laurita helped create what viewers came to know as the YouTube Project. Soon after this project fell into place, most of the research once again came to life.

The Novie explains,"What couldn't be achieved in the six years of my prior relationship was actually accomplished in three months time with seemingly no effort whatsoever. However, there has been a great deal of work. The beautiful thing of creating this project using synergy is the amount of peace and tranquility one can feel when a partner is truly dedicated to the meaning of the work. It seems as though this project came together by itself through the use of positive thinking, and the proper understanding of science and metaphysics.

"In quantum physics we learn that if a person does not have all their thoughts focused on a goal, it can actually interfere with a project to the point of failure of adverse effects. I remember explaining this to my ex-partner, If you're going to be here, then be here. This meant that she could not be thinking on other matters other than the success of the project. Hence, I believe that we attracted the wrong kind of people to our group, since she actually abandoned the project. During the process of abandoning the project, admitted that she never wanted to do the project in the first place. This was my most devastating blow since I believed in working for my people [a term he uses to encompass all of humanity who wishes to excel within their existence].

"I find it peculiar that the same negative people who came to our group were the same people who considered Laurita to be a threat, even though all I saw was someone who was trying really hard to understand complicated material. As a result all that fear and separation, it seems that Laurita is one of the only benefactors of this project, and a great resource to help Humanity Upgrade 2.0."

 Laurita began to work on this project almost without a single hesitation. As a matter of fact, she turned the tables around by using a tactic that even Robert Kyosaki has spoken about in his seminars.

Robert Kyosaki has often said that you should not hire people that will tell you that you cannot do something. You should hire individuals that will show you how you can do it. It is not a question of being illegal or against the law or against the grain. But if you want to believe that all things are truly possible within this life, then there can be no negativity or no fear. He goes on to explain how entrepreneurs have made millions through understanding fear rather than reacting to it. He calls this process of understanding fear as emotional intelligence.

 It seemed as though Laurita had been researching on her own, and knew the importance of understanding fear and emotional intelligence. Her ability to understand academic language, multidimensional formulation, metaphysics, signs, health and nutrition, as well as many other key points has allowed this project to take flight in only three months time.

Her open mind and her focus on the goal has helped her reach solutions and alliances in the most unexpected of ways

Right hand photo: Laurita discussing metaphysics, business, and paranormal theories with an actual ghostbuster.


How are We Sponsored?

iBecome Radio is a nonprofit organization. Our sponsorship is mainly done through donations, volunteer work, and a great deal of hard labor. Therefore monetary donations are highly accepted. We also accept artistic and literary donations, or even technical support donations.

Currently, this vast nonprofit organization is working on a "shoestring budget," and seemingly guided by a greater force than we can understand.

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